Men are easier to eat than women

→ Men are easier to eat than women

picture - Men are easier to eat than womenFace-to-face with their favorite dishes, men are easier to suppress hunger than women.New research may answer the question of why women more than men. Scientists have tried to study the mechanism of control of food intake in the brain of men and women.Gene-Jack Wang from the laboratory Brookhaven National Laboratory tried to answer the question, why do some people eat and others do not.

They scanned the brains of 13 women and 10 men who abstained from eating, to determine how their brain reacts to type favorite meal."With women, something is clearly wrong.

The brain signals are not similar to the male," says Wong.Thus, the researchers concluded that women are more difficult to abandon favorite meal than men.In the experiment participated favorite dishes Guinea, such as pizza, burgers and chocolate cakes.

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