How to have a healthy baby?

→ How to have a healthy baby?

picture - How to have a healthy baby?There is a belief that, in order for the baby was born fine and beautiful, pregnant woman need to constantly look at something pretty. At first glance such recommendations seem ridiculous, but essentially they are completely coincide with reputable doctors.

Positive emotions, a sense of what is happening all people in the household, and especially her husband, &&171;inject&&187; in the blood of pregnant women hormones like serotonin, which improves mood, sleep, appetite, helps to normalize blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. Getting into the bloodstream of the fetus, they have the same beneficial effect on him.

Research conducted by experts from Columbia University, has convincingly proved that the nervous tension caused by stressful situations at home and at work, are transmitted in the form of anxiety and fear to the fetus, which significantly increases the risk of premature birth and can affect his future character and activity of the brain.

Tell yourself: &&171;I want to give birth to a healthy baby! When I give birth, he will be healthy!&&187; Tune only on easy childbirth. Give yourself installation that no one under any circumstances will not spoil your mood.

With that mindset go to the store for healthy and natural products. Definitely eat cheese, vegetables and fruits, meat and soups. Buy a juicer and drink carrot, Apple, pumpkin and pear juices. Using a blender, you can make smoothies, bananas, kiwi and a couple of glasses of milk.

Pregnant healthy walks in the fresh air, where there is no noise and exhaust gases. Walking is the optimal exercise. Physical activity is necessary for muscles to be toned, which is very useful during childbirth.

Definitely need a full night's sleep. Night sleep should be at least 8-9 hours. During the day you also need to relax - 1-1,5 hours would be enough to feel fresh and fun.

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