Steam meatballs with milk sauce

→ Steam meatballs with milk sauce

picture - Steam meatballs with milk sauce

200 g flesh beef

40 g wheat bread

10 g butter

3 Art. l. milk


To prepare the sauce:

500 g water

500 g milk

55 g wheat flour

55 g butter

1 h. l. sugar

Preparation of the sauce: fry the flour in butter, then put in the water to dilute the hot milk, simmer at low boil for 7 minutes. Add sugar and salt, strain, bring to a boil.

Cut the beef into small pieces, mince and combine with bread, pre-soaked in milk, salt and butter. Once again, mince, mix well.

Formed into patties, cook them for 20 minutes for a couple.

Before serving steam meatballs with milk sauce garnish stewed rice.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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