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picture - First lure childAs soon as the baby will let you know that one of milk it is not enough, start typing in the diet of new products. If a child pulls a toy mouth, this is a clear sign of his readiness to change in diet. This usually occurs between the ages of four to six months.

There are no clear indications that should be the first lure. This may be a vegetable soup or gluten-free porridge (rice or corn). If you are concerned that your child will be difficult to chew, the first liquid puree cook.

Puree immediately starts giving spoon, best plastic, since babies are very delicate gums. Feeding with a spoon develops correct bite and articulation apparatus.

To get started, take a little bit of food on the tip of a spoon to her child could lick or suck. Over time he will learn to take food from a spoon lips.

Start with two or three teaspoons and gradually increase the amount. Let your child eat as much as he wants, and at a pace that suits him.

The first vegetables in the diet of the child should be soft and easily digestible, like carrots, potatoes or pumpkin. Before entering into the diet baby fruit is best to acquaint him with vegetables.

For the first fruit lures are best suited apples and currants, then be administered in child nutrition peaches, apricots, pears and cherries. Tangerines and oranges until later.

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