When preparing salad

→ When preparing salad

beet should be added after filling with oil to keep the color of the other products.

Salad vegetables is recommended to take &# 8230;
approximately one temperature. May not be combined with warm foods cold - a salad quickly deteriorate.

Salads are prepared &# 8230;
just before serving, otherwise they may lose their attractive appearance.

Cooked vegetables should not be left &# 8230;
in water, where they are cooked, as they become watery and tasteless. They should drain.

To vegetables, cooked in their skins for pure &# 8230;
recommended to douse them with cold water and cleaned after cooling.

Served with vegetable oil after &# 8230;
his salt, pepper, and add the vinegar (salt, pepper and vinegar in the oil does not dissolve).

Do not store in metal bowl salads &# 8230;
oxidized and can cause poisoning.

Not to kill the taste of vegetables &# 8230;
do not add to the salad a lot of spices.

Decorate salads and vinaigrettes &# 8230;
the same products from which they are prepared, by selecting the contrast.

Salad of fresh grated vegetables &# 8230;
good season with lemon juice, horseradish or svezhetertym, or both together.

The taste of cooked vegetables improves &# 8230;
two pieces of sugar, dipped into the pot when cooking vegetables.

Radish salad will taste better &# 8230;
if fill his onions, lightly fried in vegetable oil.

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