Stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce

→ Stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce

picture - Stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce

4.5 kg Turkey - 1 piece ()

salt, pepper, dry spices - to taste

150 g butter (salted)

for the stuffing:

2 tbsp. olive oil

150 g onion

225 g spinach

2 PCs apples are sour

450 g minced pork

1 zest - lemon

100 g bread crumbs

2 PCs egg

for the cranberry sauce:

300 g cranberry

150 g powdered sugar

150 ml wine

150 ml orange juice

Stuffing: saut onions in olive oil, add the spinach, a little put out. Add the apples and cook for another 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. This will put the minced pork, lemon zest, dill, bread crumbs, beaten eggs, salt, pepper, fry a little.

Wash the Turkey and RUB the spices on the inside. Start the bird cooked mixture, cover with skin and fasten with a wooden toothpick. Put the Turkey on a baking sheet, salt butter mixed with spices and coat the entire Turkey.

Cover with foil, place in oven on medium heat. About 40 minutes before end of cooking remove the foil. From time to time watering Turkey formed a sauce. Pierce the Turkey with a fork - it is ready when meat stands out clear juice. You can put on a baking sheet small smoked sausages and bake them along with the Turkey. Put the Turkey on a dish, garnish with roasted vegetables.

For the sauce: grate the zest of one orange, squeeze the juice out of it. 300 g frozen cranberries, 150 g icing sugar 150 ml of red wine and 150 ml of orange juice, stir, boil and bring to a boil. Uvarovite sauce on low heat for 30 minutes Grind blender, add the zest. Cool and apply to the bird.

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