Turkey with potato filling

→ Turkey with potato filling

picture - Turkey with potato filling

1 PCs Turkey

100 g sour cream

salt - to taste

for the filling:

300 g bread wheat

500 g potatoes

200 g onion

20 g parsley (green)

20 g dill

150 g sausages

25 g butter

15 g vegetable oil

pepper, salt - to taste

Wash the Turkey and RUB the spices on the inside. Start the bird cooked mixture, cover with skin and fasten with a wooden toothpick. Put the Turkey on a baking sheet, salt butter mixed with spices and coat the entire Turkey.

Cover with foil, place in oven on medium heat. About 40 minutes before end of cooking remove the foil. From time to time watering Turkey formed a sauce. Pierce the Turkey with a fork - it is ready when meat stands out clear juice.

For the filling. Diced white bread fried in butter until Golden brown. Finely chopped onion, parsley, dill fried in vegetable oil. Connect all with fried cubes of potatoes fried slices of sausage, pepper, salt, water, vegetable oil.

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