Turkey liver in foil

→ Turkey liver in foil

picture - Turkey liver in foil

800 g turkey

1 Art. l. lemon juice (or tomato puree)

1 onion - onion

2 Art. l. parsley (green)

1 h. l. Parsley (root grated)

2 Art. l. butter (or sour cream)

ground black pepper, salt - to taste

Turkey meat cut into portions and put them on the foil. Each piece sprinkled with finely chopped vegetables and spices and put on top of a piece of butter or a little cream; You can also add fresh tomatoes. All products are wrapped in foil so that during baking liquid will not escape. Wrapped in foil cuts of meat to put on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 200C 40-50 minutes, broilers - 20-30 minutes. Before removing the meat from the oven, you should try the needle, whether it is ready. On the table is served with foil to keep the meat was formed after baking in the sauce. Garnish with boiled rice or potatoes and a salad of raw vegetables

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