Beef tongue with fruit sauce

→ Beef tongue with fruit sauce

picture - Beef tongue with fruit sauce

For this recipe you will need:

1 pcs. neat's tongue

1 pcs. onion

1 pcs. carrot

1 pcs. parsley (twig)

5 pcs. apples

1 red wine - ct.l

salt, sugar - to taste

lemon zest - to taste

Language wash well, scalded with boiling water, put in a saucepan, add the roots, pour cold water so that it covers the tongue three fingers. Put on a strong fire. When the water boils, reduce heat, and bring to medium heat until tender language, Ambassador to the end of cooking. With a ready tongue to remove the skin, cut it into thin slices wide, holding the knife at an angle, pour a small amount of broth in which it was cooked to slices were dry.

Prepare the sauce. Clear apple from the skin and seeds, cut into four pieces, put in a pot, pour a glass of water and seethe until tender. Wipe the apples through a colander, dilute red wine, put salt, sugar to taste, add grated lemon zest. All boil. Language before serving pour the sauce, a good warm, add the parsley.

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