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500 g potato

1 pcs. egg for potato, carrot and cabbage mass - to

300 g carrot

30 g butter carrot and cabbage for the masses - and 20 g

50 g semolina for carrot weight

20 g sugar for carrot weight

400 g Fresh cabbage

60 g sour cabbage for the masses


Peeled potatoes pour boiling salted water, cook until done. The water is drained, dried potatoes and rub hot. In mashed potatoes add the egg and mix well.

Purified carrots chopped into fine strips and pripuskayut in water with oil. At the end of cooking pour a thin stream of semolina and boil for 10-15 minutes, add salt and sugar. The mass was cooled to 40 � C and added to the egg.

Cabbage cut into thin strips, add hot water, salt, oil and pripuskayut until cooked (water should be completely absorbed). The mass was cooled to 40 � C, the egg was added and mixed.

In form, greased, or placed on a baking carrot mass on her - and on top of cabbage - potato. On the surface of a drawing, brush sour cream, mixed with egg and bake in the oven at 220 � C until golden brown.

When submitting cut into chunks, put on a plate and pour sauce milk or cream or melted butter.

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