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Required Products:

500 g beef (pulp, pork or lamb

100 g stale white bread

140 g milk or water
what milk to choose? we'll show

80 g breadcrumbs

40 g ghee or vegetable oil for frying and stuffing - and 50 g

1 pcs. boiled egg

360 g onion

30 g parsley


ground pepper

Bread without crusts soaked in water or milk.

To prepare the meat cutlet mass release of films and tendons, shredded in a food processor, mix with bread soaked and squeezed and crushed again.

For minced peeled onion finely chopped and Passer until golden brown, then cooled and mixed with chopped egg. Add the finely chopped herbs, salt and pepper.

Cutlet mass is formed on the palm in the form of cakes, placed in the middle of the stuffing, combine the edge and give the article a brick. Paneer in breadcrumbs.

Prepared zrazy placed on a hot pan with fat, fry on both sides until golden brown and heated in the oven or under the hood.

When submitting zrazy laid on a la carte dishes for 1-2 pieces and placed side garnish - crisp oatmeal, boiled vegetables, beans in tomato sauce. You can serve with tomato sauce.

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