Turkey stuffed with walnuts

→ Turkey stuffed with walnuts

picture - Turkey stuffed with walnuts

1 PCs Turkey

6 glass walnuts

400 g liver (calf)

100 g white bread (flesh)

1/2 glass milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

2 PCs egg

400 g butter

3 cups shelled nuts in parts pounded in a mortar to form a homogeneous pasty oily mass, which is mixed with boiled and mashed through a grater veal liver, the crumb of white bread, soaked in milk, 2 raw eggs, 200 g of butter.

The Turkey is cleaned, gutted, salted inside and outside and stuffed goiter and the middle of the carcass. Roast in the oven, often basting meat broth and turning to well-flushed.

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