Turkey stuffed with chestnuts

→ Turkey stuffed with chestnuts

picture - Turkey stuffed with chestnuts

1 turkey - Bird

Salt - to taste

100 g bacon (or bacon)

For the filling:

400 g chestnuts

white bread

1 onion - onion

2 celery - stem

salt, thyme - to taste

butter for frying

For the filling white bread cut into cubes and fry in the oven. Chestnuts incision and cook for about 5 minutes, then remove their shells and cook for another 15-20 minutes. Fry in butter chopped onions and celery, then add the croutons and chestnuts. Cool slightly, stir and season with thyme.

Gutted carcasses rub with salt inside and out, fill with minced meat and place on the grill breast up. If the turkey is not enough fat, it can be overlaid on top of thin strips of bacon or lard. Fry at 160 degrees. Cooking time is calculated from the proportions of one hour per 2 kg carcass weight. In the process of cooking water the carcass accumulates in the pan juices.

Ready turkey lay on a large platter and cut into portions.

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