Turkey stuffed with old-fashioned

→ Turkey stuffed with old-fashioned

picture - Turkey stuffed with old-fashioned

5 kg turkey

For the filling:

4 bacon (diced) - slices

1 pcs. onion (finely chopped)

5 pcs. celery stalk (sliced)

680 g ground pork

salt, pepper - to taste

1.5 glass mashed potatoes (without milk)
what milk to choose? we'll show

2 Art. l. vegetable fat

Preheat the oven to 160C. Wipe and prepare turkey.

In a saucepan, gently fry the bacon, onion and celery. Add the ground pork. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 30 min., Periodically removing the resulting juice.

Add the mashed potatoes. Stuff the turkey hot filling. Sew or clipped.

In a dish lay aluminum foil. Put the turkey on it. Cook for 20-30 minutes. for every 450g of meat.

Remove stuffing from the turkey ready. If you wish, you can warm up in vegetable oil.

Put the turkey in a large dish. Separately served very hot filling.

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