Turkey with citrus glaze

→ Turkey with citrus glaze

picture - Turkey with citrus glaze

3 kg Turkey - 1 piece (about )

5 PCs citrus (lemon, lime)

salt, freshly ground pepper - to taste

100 ml white wine dry

50 g brown sugar

1 fresh herbs (sage, oregano, thyme) - beam

From citrus to clean off the skin, squeeze about a half glass of juice, then cut into rings and fill them to the carcass. For glazing, combine white wine, citrus juice, refrigerate.

Gently peel off the skin from the Turkey breast in the form of a pocket, and place one tablespoon of chopped greens fresh sage, oregano and thyme. After you put the Turkey breast side up, in baking sheets with sides, season with salt, pepper, brush with oil and bake in the oven at a temperature of about 160 degrees. Cooking time is calculated from the proportions: one hour for every 2 kg of carcass weight. In the process of cooking, watering the carcass is collected in the pan juice, and during the last 30 minutes - citrus glaze. So that the carcass is not burned, cover it with foil.

The finished bird lay on a large platter and cut into servings.

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