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For canning this recipe is better to take the apples equally maturity, rinse them and Pat dry.

Then the apples are cleaned, peeled, cut into slices, remove the stem and seed boxes, all damaged areas.

If the apples are small, they can not be cut.

Sliced apples for 15 min soak in 1% salt solution, then blanch in water (water temperature of 85-90 degrees) for 5-15 min (blanching time depends on the size of apples).

After blanching the spread apples in cold water and allow to cool.

Further, the apples need to be spread out on a clean dry banks, pour hot water, cover and sterilize (banks with a capacity of 1/2l 8-10 min, 1l - 10-12 min).

Next, canned apples "Natural" youprivate lids and cooled.

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