Apples, marinated with spices

→ Apples, marinated with spices

picture - Apples, marinated with spices

10 cans with a capacity of 1 liter:

6 kg large good apples

2,5 l water

1 kg sugar

500 ml vinegar 6%

cinnamon, cloves and other spices to taste)

Pickled apples, cooked in this recipe can be used as a standalone dessert or as a side dish to poultry, meat, also you can add them to salads.

Apples should be washed, cut into slices, removing the seed box, if the apples are small, they can marinate a whole, carefully remove the core.

As you prepare to put sliced into cold brine (1 l of water 10 g salt) to prevent darkening, but to stand the apples in brine can be no more than half an hour.

When will be chopped apples, put them into boiling water for 2-3 minutes and problemsabout (if the apples whole 5 min), then the apples to get out of the water, allow to cool.

In clean dry jars to put spices, top lay the apples.

On the water, which was branchialis apples, prepare the marinade by adding sugar and vinegar.

Next hot marinade poured the apples, then apples, marinated with spices, sterilized within half an hour (cover) and rolled.

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