7 Delicious hot dishes of oyster mushrooms

→ 7 Delicious hot dishes of oyster mushrooms

picture - 7 Delicious hot dishes of oyster mushrooms

Oyster is a wonderful mushrooms that are sold everywhere today, they are inexpensive, have a rich mushroom flavor and suitable for cooking a variety of delicious dishes. This time we will talk about the second dishes of these fungi.

Oyster and very tasty thanks to the bright mushroom taste, and in culinary terms universal with them and soups can be prepared, and cakes, and casseroles. In General, only to buy them and to prepare, especially when you consider that all of the listed advantages is the added usefulness of this product.

Today we will talk about second dishes that can be prepared from these wonderful mushrooms.

The first recipe: Fried oyster

You will need: 500g of mushrooms, 50g flour, 40g breadcrumbs, 30g vegetable oil, 2 eggs, black pepper, salt.

How to fry oyster. Boil the mushrooms, lowering it to 5 minutes in boiling water, Pat dry. Breaded mushrooms mixed with salt, flour, dip in beaten egg, roll in bread crumbs, put in a pan with hot oil and cook for 15-20min until tender over medium heat.

Simple, fast, and most importantly - tasty, these fried oyster mushrooms can also be eaten as a separate dish, or as a garnish. Well, we move on to the next recipe.

The second recipe: Liver with mushrooms in a pot

picture - 7 Delicious hot dishes of oyster mushrooms

You will need: 150g liver, 100g potatoes and sour cream, 50g roasted oyster mushrooms, 30g onion.

How to bake the mushrooms with the liver in a pot. Slices of chopped liver and roll her in flour and fry quickly until Golden brown, add the roasted mushrooms and saut onions, potatoes, diced and pre-fried, sour cream, pepper and salt, stir. Put the mixture in a pot, cover with a lid of pastry and cook until it taromenane by placing in a cold oven and turning on the heating 180-200 degrees.

Mushroom julienne - one this phrase can cause many gourmet gastronomic ecstasy, and julienne with mushrooms is one of the most delicious thanks to their rich mushroom flavor.

Recipe three: julienne chicken with oyster mushrooms

You will need: 300 g of boiled chicken, 200 g fried oyster mushrooms, 1 Cup of milk/mushroom soup and sour cream, 2 tbsp. butter, 1 tbsp. flour and grated cheese, salt.

How to make julienne with mushrooms and chicken. Fry in a dry pan flour, put butter, melted, gradually pour the milk or mushroom broth, bring to a boil, add the cream and turn off the stove, stir. Julienne cut chicken, add the mushrooms, pour all the sauce, put on the cocotte, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven for 10-15min.

These mushrooms can be prepared even burgers and meatballs.

The fourth recipe: Mushroom burgers oyster

picture - 7 Delicious hot dishes of oyster mushrooms

You will need: 500g of mushrooms, 2 slices of white bread, 1-2 onions and cloves of garlic, 1 egg, ? Cup cream 2-3 tbsp. oil, 1 tbsp. mayonnaise, spices, salt.

How to cook burgers oyster. Without oil in their own juice simmered oyster 20min. Chop the onion and fry it in butter. The bread soaked in cream or milk, on a small grater, grate the garlic. Combine all prepared foods, add mayonnaise and stir. Blender, grind all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture, beat the egg, add salt and pepper, stir the meat is watery. Put the minced meat in a pan with hot oil with a spoon, fry patties of oyster mushrooms on both sides until Golden brown.

Recipe five: Meatballs mushroom from oyster

You will need: 250g of mushrooms, 5 tubers boiled potatoes, 1-2 eggs ?-1/3 cups milk, 2 tbsp breadcrumbs, onion, pepper, salt.

How to cook meatballs oyster. Crackers pour milk, chop finely onion (amount to taste) and fry it. Potatoes and boil the mushrooms, together grind in a meat grinder. Combine mince, breadcrumbs in the milk, onion, beat eggs, add salt and pepper, mix well. To shape the meatballs and fry them in a pan with oil until taromenane.

Many dishes can be prepared from oyster mushrooms in the oven, one of them is a casserole with pasta and vegetables.

Recipe six: Casserole with mushrooms, pasta and vegetables

You will need: 600g oyster, 400ml milk, 250g pasta, 50g soft cheese, 4 tomatoes and eggs, 1 onion and zucchini ? bunch of parsley, 4-5 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp. of mixture of Provencal herbs, pepper, salt.

How to make a casserole with mushrooms, pasta and vegetables. In salted boiling water cook the pasta with 1-2 tbsp. of vegetable oil. Medium-sized chopped mushrooms, diced chop onions, slice, slice the tomatoes and zucchini, chopped parsley. Fry the mushrooms in olive oil, remove from the pan, then saut the onion, write, stirring occasionally, milk, cheese, beat the eggs, add the parsley, mix of Provencal herbs, pepper and salt, stir the sauce. Pasta dry, put in a greased form, add the mushrooms and vegetables, pour all the sauce and bake in a preheated abs the oven.

If the time for culinary attempts no, and to get acquainted with oyster mushrooms you want, try to cook them according to the following recipe in the microwave.

Recipe seventh Braised oyster mushrooms in the microwave

picture - 7 Delicious hot dishes of oyster mushrooms

You will need: 500g of mushrooms, 1 egg yolk and onion, 2/3 Cup sour cream, 2 tbsp butter, grated cheese, chopped dill and water, pepper, salt.

How to put the mushrooms in the microwave. Circles chop the onion, put in a container for a microwave oven with butter, 2-3 minutes to cook on power 700V, add the sliced mushrooms and politi water, pepper and salt and cook with the same power of 3 min, stir the mushrooms and onions and cook another 6-min, increasing capacity up to 1000V. The mushrooms add the egg yolks, dill, cheese and sour cream, stir and cook for 1-2 min at a power of 700V.

Oyster, appearing in the sale, very quickly became popular, and some of them even forgot about the mushrooms. Everyone has their own taste, but the oyster is a great product, definitely!

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