Cutlets from cod

→ Cutlets from cod

picture - Cutlets from cod

300 g cod fillets

100 g vegetable oil

0.5 glass milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

4 slices of wheat bread

2 eggs

1 bunch of parsley

1 bunch of dill

? City rolls

5 Art. l. breadcrumbs

3 Art. l. butter

ground black pepper


Remove skin and bones from fish fillet pieces, mince, combining fish fillets with a roll, soaked in milk, salt and pepper, mix thoroughly, add 1 raw egg.

Moisten the towel in the water, it spread cakes chunking stuffing in the center of each cake to put a piece of butter mixed with dill and parsley, then connect the edge of cakes, give cutlets form roller.

Wet cutlets in beaten egg, crispy, each operation repeated 2 times, then fry patties until golden brown in a frying pan under the hood or in the oven.

Dry bread slices in the toaster, put on each cutlet.

Served hot chops cod with boiled cauliflower.

How to choose a toaster. We will tell.

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