Cutlets of the most popular types of fish: 9 recipes

→ Cutlets of the most popular types of fish: 9 recipes

picture - Cutlets of the most popular types of fish: 9 recipes

Among all found on sale in frozen or fresh fish species can be distinguished most popular: whiting, pollock, catfish, perch, trout, pike, hake, cod, salmon. In this article we describe how to prepare delicious fish cakes of these fish species.

Of course, fish cakes, as well as for meat, invented a lot of universal prescriptions on which to make such an adorable and children, and adults dish like burgers, you can from any species of fish. We tell it about individual recipes for each type of fish: walleye, trout, whiting, pike, pink salmon, cod, hake, catfish, pollock. This proven, reliable recipes fish cakes that will help transform the fish into a true culinary masterpiece, even if you cook it first.

First recipe: Fish cutlets hake

You will need: 500g fillet of hake, 1 slice of white loaf, carrot, onion and egg, bread crumbs, pepper, salt, vegetable oil for frying.

How to cook cutlets of hake. Thawed frozen hake fillets twist in a meat grinder. Finely chop the onions and carrots (you can rub on a small grater), fry them in a small amount of butter until tender, cool and mince. Connect vegetables and minced fish, drive an egg, put the pressed pre-soaked in milk slice loaf, too torsion it in a meat grinder. Pepper and salt weight, molded from her chops desired size and shape, breaded in bread crumbs and fry until browning on both sides.

Generally, to achieve sufficient readiness fish cakes a total of about 20 minutes, i.e. 10 on each side, but if you fear that after roasting can lay them on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for a while. Do not lose the crisp reached when frying, as often happens, if the cover cutlets after roasting lid and thus bring to readiness.

Second recipe: Fish cutlets whiting

picture - Cutlets of the most popular types of fish: 9 recipes

You will need: 600g whiting whole, 100g flour, 100ml of vegetable oil, 2 eggs, black pepper, salt.

How to cook cutlets of blue whiting. Clean the fish, to cut into fillets, then twist fillets in a meat grinder. The resulting minced pepper and salt, and from it to mold patties, dip each in the lightly beaten egg, then roll in flour and place in a pan with hot oil, fry on both sides over medium heat until tender.

Third recipe: Fish cutlets catfish

You will need: 700g fillet of catfish, 50ml milk, 1 onion and a clove of garlic, 3 tsp starch potato, pepper, salt.

How to cook cutlets of catfish. Fish fillets finely cut into pieces of 0.5 cm. finely chop the onion on a fine grater rub the garlic and add it to the chopped fish, pour the milk, add the starch, pepper and salt, mix everything very carefully. In pan heat a little oil, a spoon to spread the cooked cutlet mass and fry patties until browning on both sides. When serving pour sour cream cutlets catfish.

Recipe Four: Fish cutlets pike

You will need: 600g fillet of pike, white bread 200g pulp, 100g margarine 50g onion, 5 g of ground nutmeg, 3 eggs, bread crumbs, pepper and salt.

How to cook cutlets pike. Pike fillets cut into slices, finely chopped onion fry, cool and add to the fish, twist together in a meat grinder, hammer 1 egg, season with salt, pepper, nutmeg, minced Stir until smooth. Of cooked minced meat formed into patties, the remaining eggs lightly beaten, dip each cutlet in them, then breaded in bread crumbs and spread in a pan with hot oil. For garnish such cutlets better suited as mashed potatoes, fried or boiled.

Recipe Five: Fish cutlets pollock

picture - Cutlets of the most popular types of fish: 9 recipes

You will need: 500g pollock fillets, 150ml milk 50g wheat bread, 40ml vegetable oil, 2 tbsp breadcrumbs? tsp sea salt, a pinch of ground black pepper.

How to cook burgers made from pollock. Pour milk bread, wait for the swelling, then twist it into a meat grinder with fillets of pollock or chop all the blender. Minced pepper, salt and knead hands - this will ensure kneading mince plasticity, its homogeneity and patties will not fall apart. Formed into patties, breaded in bread crumbs, put on a hot frying pan with oil and fry until brown well on each side without a cover.

Sixth recipe: Fish cutlets cod

You will need: 1 kg of cod fillets, 2 eggs and onions, 1 bunch of dill and parsley, 4 tablespoons wheat flour, 3 tablespoons vegetable oils 1st.l. sugar, salt and pepper.

How to cook burgers made from cod. Thawed fillets wash, dry, finely chopped, minced onion, chopped herbs, then all can be mixed with a blender or kink in a meat grinder. In minced add half of the flour, sugar, salt, pepper, hands knead until airy and cool for an hour to remove. Formed into small patties of minced meat, breaded each in flour, fry for 5 min on each side in a frying pan with hot oil. Serve with boiled rice better or mashed potatoes.

Seventh recipe: Fish cutlets with mushrooms pink salmon

picture - Cutlets of the most popular types of fish: 9 recipes

Need: 1kg of pink salmon whole 2 onions, 1 cup dried mushrooms, bread crumbs / flour, pulp white bread, herbs, pepper and salt.

How to cook cutlets of pink salmon with mushrooms. Along the ridge cut pink salmon, remove bones and skin, chop fillet knife. Pour water on the mushrooms and leave 2 hours, then boil them in salted water and chop finely chop the onion. Stir the mushrooms, chopped salmon, onions, herbs, soaked in water, bread crumbs, pepper and salt. Molded minced cutlets, breaded them in bread crumbs or flour, fry on both sides until cooked.

Always sculpt burgers with wet hands - then stuffing will not stick to them.

Eighth recipe: Fish cutlets walleye

You will need: 1 kg of walleye whole 50g lard, 1 onion, egg and white bun, black pepper, salt.

How to cook cutlets of walleye. Gut the fish, remove skin, bone ridge. Clear from the skin fat, along with perch fillet twist in a meat grinder, pepper, salt, add soaked in water bread (the crumb without crusts), drive 1 egg until smooth hands knead all. Molded medium-sized patties on both sides of their fry until browning in the hot oil.

Well, the latest in our collection - fishcakes trout, which for many today - the most favorite fish.

Recipe Nine: Fish cutlets trout

You will need: 500g of potatoes and for trout fillet, 125g breadcrumbs, 25g butter, 1 egg, beam chives and parsley and a glass of milk, 1-2 tablespoons flour? tsp salt, vegetable oil.

How to cook fish cakes trout. Peel the potatoes and boil until tender, season with a little milk and butter, pyurirovat, add mashed greens. Put the fish fillets in the pan, pour the milk, bring to a boil and boil for 5 min at low heat, discard in a colander, dry, kn

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