Chicken wings with rice

→ Chicken wings with rice

picture - Chicken wings with rice

10 chicken wings

1.5 glass rice

1.5 glass water

0.5 h. l. curry



oil for frying wings

Soak rice in warm salty water to 1-2chasa. (I did like Max in pilaf rice-spread ground salt and flooded kipyatkom.Cherez 20 minutes carefully washed rice).

We cut off the tips of the wings, cut into two pieces, salt and pepper, sprinkle karri.Obzharit wings on high heat for ol.masle. (I ol.maslo only the first pressing, so fried on a stretch.). Rice put in a refractory form, put wings on top, pour the oil after frying wings, pour salt all vodoy.Zakryt foil (I have a form with a glass lid) and put in the oven for 40 minut.Potom remove the foil and let the wings browned.

picture - Chicken wings with rice

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