Chinese chicken

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Narubai wings into 3 parts warm up the pan, pour in the hot oil and sugar begin to disperse meshat.Kak sugar spread there wings, just do not bother, give sugar stick a bit,&# 8230; that begin meshat.Kryshka pan opened fire high

As chicken acquire a golden color, pour soy sauce there, 300 grams to the wings drowned in sauce, but not interfere with verhom.Postoyanno, cover zakryvaem.Tuda also fills up the spoon 2 tablespoons glyukomata.Meshaem.

And in the end add the star anise, previously it broke it into pieces. Where it 5 zv�zdochek.I meshaem.Dovodim to availability and must be vyklyuchaem.Podavat wings with rice on garnir.Sous can be poured separately or dip in bread or rice to water.

Preparation time: 50 minutes

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