Meat rolls of veal: 3 simple recipe

→ Meat rolls of veal: 3 simple recipe

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Meat rolls are a great appetizer that is perfect for the holiday table, and because they're easy enough to prepare, treat the family they can and in a normal day, without spending a lot of time. Cook meat rolls of veal on simple recipes.

Veal is tender meat, which flavor a bit, but differs from beef. With her, as with beef, you can cook a variety of dishes, including meat rolls, which can be served as a snack, and to garnish as the meat component of lunch or dinner.

Veal is one of the most diet of meats, it is gentler and softer beef, contains less cholesterol. Because of the content in the meat of gelatin, it is recommended to use suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and contained special extractive substances stimulate gastric secretion, thereby improving digestion. This is the least fatty meat, which contains vitamins a, b, C, E, PP, you can enter it in the children's diet. Contained in the meat of young bulls and cows amino acids is very well absorbed and paddling body, persisting even during thermal processing.

The first recipe: Stuffed veal with walnut stuffing

You will need: 400g fillet of beef, 50g walnuts, 1 egg yolk, hops suneli, salt, parsley, sauce - 250ml cream 20%, 100g mushrooms, 30g of butter for frying.

How to cook veal rolls with nut filling. Cross grain cut veal longitudinal pieces 7mm thick pieces should be approximately equal in size, rectangular in shape. Slightly repel each piece of meat. Fry in a dry pan nuts, grind them finely, add hops suneli, add egg yolks, mix thoroughly, adding the chopped parsley. Grease filling each piece of meat, not reaching its edge, roll into a roll, and secure with wooden toothpicks. In a pan heat the butter, put the rolls and fry until Golden brown, put on a plate, cover. Finely chop the mushrooms in the same pan, melt a little oil, fry the mushrooms in 3-min, salt, add the cream, stir over slow fire to extinguish until thick, then put the rolls, turn them to on all sides, covered with sauce, cover, on a slow fire to put out 5-min and serve.

The second recipe: Stuffed veal with prunes

picture - Meat rolls of veal: 3 simple recipe

You will need: 400g fillet of beef, 150g salted bacon and prunes pitted, pepper, salt, butter, sauce - 300ml cream 10%, ? Cup of dry white wine, salt.

How to cook the rolls of veal with prunes. Across the grain to cut the meat identical rectangular pieces about 1cm thick, and fat, cut into very thin strips of the same length and smaller width. Gently beat the meat, put on every piece in the center of sal, it is for 3pcs prunes, to raise the edges, shaping the rolls, fasten them with toothpicks. Put the rolls in a preheated pan with butter and fry on all sides, then on minimum heat for another 3-5min. Put the rolls from the pan to rest in her meat juice pour the cream and wine, until thick over low heat to boil. Add to the sauce rolls, heat 4-5 minutes with the lid, bring to the table.

The third recipe: Stuffed veal with egg and cucumber

You will need: 4 veal steak and a slice of ham, 1-2 pickled cucumber small, 1 boiled egg, black pepper, mustard, salt, vegetable oil for frying, dressing - 100ml sour cream, 30g butter, St.l. flour, pepper, salt.

How to cook stuffed with beef, cucumber and egg. Beat the veal steaks, preventing gaps in the meat, but subtly, to RUB with pepper and salt, coat with mustard, put on top of the ham, center slice of cucumber on each side of the slices of egg, gently roll the meat in the roll, and fasten with toothpicks. Over high heat, fry the rolls in hot oil until Golden brown on all sides, reduce the heat and simmer for a few minutes under the lid. Melt the butter in another pan, add to it the flour, fry until light taromenane, gradually pour in the cream, stir, put in a sauce pan on low heat put out 15 min. Serve these rolls of veal better with pasta, vegetables or mashed potatoes.

The principle of cooking meat rolls of veal simple - this can be judged on the proposed recipes. Based on any of them, you can make rolls to your taste with any in your opinion a suitable filling. Good cooking!

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