Meat in sour cream

→ Meat in sour cream

picture - Meat in sour creamOf course the abundance of salads, you need not forget about the hot snacks. New year holiday is quite lengthy, and it is possible that many guests will ask you to bring a hot meal.

Main dishes - mashed potatoes, but it simply needs to add the meat dishes, which can make the sauce more delicious and nutritious.

To prepare this dish you will need: 1 kg of chicken, sour cream, spices, cheese, parsley.

Fillets should be cut into very small cubes, cut costs very carefully, so you really get the cubes. To make cutting easier, you should not fully thawed meat, in this condition you will be able to achieve the desired result and to obtain a sufficiently uniform cubes.

After cutting, the cubes should not completely thawed, very

heated a pan with plenty of refined oil, put our pieces.

Until meat is browned, cook him a special sauce. Take the sour cream, and add the spices, stir well, and RUB in the cream cheese.

All this beat this well, you can use a mixer, but try to find a middle ground, and not to turn your sauce into the cream.

Meat, heavily interfere in the pan when it becomes toasted, almost every piece covered with a delicious crust, pour the meat is pre-prepared sauce, and add the greens.

Within 15 - 20 minutes, you need to simmer the meat in the sauce.

As you can see, very quickly and easily you can prepare hot appetizer that will please both yourself and your guests. Be sure to try this dish, and every new year, your guests will be interested in whether the meat in sour cream...

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