Meat and pineapple - the perfect combination for the best hot dishes

→ Meat and pineapple - the perfect combination for the best hot dishes

picture - Meat and pineapple - the perfect combination for the best hot dishes

One very interesting combinations in cooking is meat with pineapple. This kind of dish came to us from foreign cuisines and have already gained a great love of all meat-eaters. Today we talk about how you can prepare delicious meat with pineapple for the holiday table.

If you want to cook tasty, but a little unusual main dish that would pleasantly surprise your guests, you can safely choose meat with pineapple. It's easy, harmonious, complementary combination of products is highly appreciated even by gourmets, so it became extremely popular, but, nevertheless, prepares it every second, so it is for many people a certain degree of curiosity.

Baked with pineapple can be any type of meat - pork, beef, chicken, and the fruit can be used in canned and fresh. More often than not so hot like the meat in French, because it is prepared for about the same technology, but it is distinguished by a unique taste.

Recipe for making a batch of meat with pineapple

You will need: 500g pork loin, 150g cheese, canned pineapple rings, pepper, salt.

How to cook a la carte meat with pineapple. Slice the pork slices on 1-1,5sm thick, repelling each, on a fine grater rub cheese. Lay the slices of meat in a slightly greased baking dish at a distance from each other, sprinkle with pepper and salt. Each piece put on a mug pineapple, sprinkle cheese on top and bake for 30-40 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.

If the cheese started to burn, and the meat is not yet ready, cover with foil shape.

Just very quickly, and it turns out very tender, tasty and delicious hot, so this recipe should take note of everything, especially not having rich experience of cooking meat cooking, if you want a tasty feed the guests.

May be completed specified in the recipe mix other products: tomatoes, onions, olives, mayonnaise. Meat, laid out on a baking sheet, spread with mayonnaise, put a circle of tomato, then a circle of pineapple, pour mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese and put in the center of one maslinke.

You can cook the meat with pineapple not portions, and a total mass in the form.

Recipe baked meat with pineapple

You will need: 500g of lean meat (pork / beef / chicken), 400g of hard cheese, 3 onions, 1 can of canned pineapple, vegetable oil, mayonnaise, pepper and salt.

How to cook meat with roasted pineapple. Chop the onion rings, not thick cut slices of meat and fight off, rub with salt and pepper. Rub the cheese. Greased form, put a bow on top - meat, lubricate it with mayonnaise, then put pineapple slices, mayonnaise mesh cover, cover with cheese and bake for half an hour at 180 degrees in preheated oven.

Try rosemary spice dish, Provencal herbs, garlic and other seasonings to taste - get even more interesting!

As already noted, baked with meat can not only preserved, but also fresh pineapples.

Recipe for cooking meat, baked with fresh pineapple

picture - Meat and pineapple - the perfect combination for the best hot dishes

You will need: a slice of lean pork neck boneless, fresh pineapple, mayonnaise, pepper, salt, cheese.

How to cook meat with fresh pineapple. Cut the meat across the grain into pieces of 1.5 cm thick, beat off and rub spices. Clear pineapple and cut into thin slices. Cover the baking dish with parchment, grease it with oil, put a layer of meat, top plastic pineapple, mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese and bake until cooked meat in a preheated 180-200 degree oven for about 30-40min.

Meat with pineapple - a great option for any hot holiday table - Christmas, birthday, but thanks to its simplicity of preparation can be prepared in any ordinary day, when you just want to please yourself and family with something delicious.

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