Roast pork with pineapple

→ Roast pork with pineapple

picture - Roast pork with pineapple

1 kg pork tenderloin

200 g cheese

200 g prunes

1 tin canned pineapple

2 tomato

black pepper


Roast pork with pineapple is a great new year's dish, a delicate combination of pork, prunes and pineapple, it is great to decorate the Christmas table and will appeal to all.

To cut a pork tenderloin as into portions pieces, not cutting to the end, add salt and pepper.

Cut into thin plastics cheese and tomatoes, alternating, be inserted into the incisions together with slices of pineapple and prunes.

To wrap it all in foil, cook at a temperature of 160 degrees in the oven for hours. Then remove foil, to give pork to brown a little.

Roast pork with pineapple served on new year's eve buffet on the dish, on lettuce leaves.

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