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Oatmeal until such a wonderful instrument as multivarka was one of the most whimsical milk porridge, which was needed for the eyes and the eyes - not burnt, not run away, etc. Today, cook and eat it became much more often, and all because of this cooking porridge with Multivarki was at times easier.

So, the good old oatmeal, the one that so carefully prepared from generation to generation of moms and kids so hard to reject. This porridge is really infinitely useful, but today it to the list of advantages you can add other - it can be also a delicious and easy to prepare!

In Multivarki different models porridge is usually prepared in the mode "Milk porridge", if it is cooked in milk with water or simply mode "Porridge", if not "milk" mode. Also last many kinds multivarok called "Buckwheat".

In Multivarki can prepare porridge on the water, milk and water in various broths (unsweetened) - everything is possible! Add to your gruel dried fruit, fresh berries or fruit, season with honey or jam, and the child eats it with pleasure.

There are a great way to make oatmeal, cooked in Multivarki, delicate flavor: leave it after cooking for an hour on the mode "Reheat" - it will become creamy taste of warm milk.

Recipe for cooking oatmeal in Multivarki

picture - Oatmeal in Multivarki

Need: 1.5 multistakana milk and water, 1 multistakan oatmeal, 1 tsp butter taste - dried fruit, sugar, salt.

How to cook delicious oatmeal in Multivarki. Put in a bowl all the ingredients of the device, turn on the "Milk porridge", set the timer to the desired start time of the preparation of porridge or gruel start cooking immediately.

With Multivarki you can cook porridge for breakfast in the evening to the morning not to engage in cooking: just put in a bowl all the ingredients of the device and turn on the delayed start cooking - for breakfast fragrant sweet porridge is ready. For example, according to the mode "Milk porridge" meal will be prepared 1 hour, and you have breakfast at 8 am, respectively, put the start cooking at 7am. It is better to use oatmeal, require long cooking, not fast food.

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