Farshiruem peppers: recipes with unusual meat fillings

→ Farshiruem peppers: recipes with unusual meat fillings

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Traditionally prepared peppers stuffed with such as beef, ground pork, which is often supplemented with greens and rice. This is the most common, the most popular meat filling, but not the only - it still so many options! On them will be discussed in this article.

Of course, the classic stuffed minced bell pepper - it's delicious, and it would seem, what to look for some other options? Just for the sake of their own culinary curiosity, experimentation and new taste. And to surprise loved ones always try the fun, is not it? So let's look at alternatives to traditional minced pork and beef for stuffing peppers.

Meat stuffing for stuffing peppers can be almost any: Chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc. Combine the minced meat or can be with different vegetables, rice, herbs and spices - all to achieve new flavors, including a very original and spicy. Suitable for stuffing and by-products, such as the liver, with her peppers get very appetizing and satisfying.

Recipe stuffed roasted peppers

You will need: 400g beef liver, 7 bell peppers, 1 carrot, 1/3 cup of rice, spices to taste.

How to cook peppers stuffed with liver. Boil the rice until half. On a coarse grater rub the carrot, finely chopped liver. Season the liver with salt, pepper, spices to taste, mix with rice and carrots, to stuff the peppers. Put them in a form close to each other, to the bottom of pouring a couple of tablespoons of water, put in a preheated 200 degree oven, bake for 15-20min, then turn and cook the same amount.

Simple, but very unusual, a new flavor of peppers will delight anyone who loves the liver. No less bright taste will be stuffed with lamb and peppers, which are also interesting formulation technology - they are fried and stewed in a sauce.

Stuffed peppers recipe lamb

picture - Farshiruem peppers: recipes with unusual meat fillings

You will need: 300g lamb, sweet peppers 5, 2-3 tomatoes, 2 onions, 1 egg,? cup milk sour, 2 tablespoons rice, tomato sauce and butter, 1 tbsp wheat flour, 1/3 tsp red pepper, parsley, black pepper.

How to cook lamb stuffed peppers. Finely chop and fry until browning 1 onion in butter, pepper, red pepper, add the washed rice and move, add tomato sauce, pour a little water, then 10-15min until half rice, add the minced meat, pepper, salt, sprinkle with chopped all parsley, to stuff the peppers. Do not cut the peppers "caps" completely, and cut them partially and slightly bend - so that you can get the seeds. Laying them stuffing "caps" bend back, fry the peppers on the hot oil until light browning, put in a saucepan. For the sauce second onion, chopped, fry in butter, add the flour, paprika and pepper, add the chopped tomatoes (by clearing them from the skin), pour warm water and salt the, then all of 10 minutes. Pour the sauce over the peppers and stew until cooked at low boil. Peppers ready to get out of the sauce, pour it in sour milk, eggs drive, then stir everything on fire, but do not bring to a boil, just until thick, then wipe or pyurirovat blender, sprinkle with parsley sauce and pour this sauce peppers feeding.

Very unusual variant of cooking stuffed peppers with an interesting sauce, which is reminiscent of eastern cuisine.

A very popular option for stuffing peppers - is a chicken. Variants of this chicken stuffing a lot: it may simply be boiled chicken with cheese, for example, or the whole dish - chicken curry.

Recipe for cooking peppers stuffed with chicken and cheese

You will need: 200g cottage cheese, 100g cooked chicken, broth 100ml, 60g of bread for toast, cream 50ml, for 30g grated cheese and butter, 8 different colors of bell peppers, 1 clove of garlic, egg yolks, and green onions, 1 tbsp. l. chopped parsley.

How to stuff peppers chicken and cheese. Sliced bread into cubes and fry in 20g of butter. Just chop the tomatoes and chicken breast, chopped green onions, minced garlic. Stir the egg yolk with cream and curd cheese until smooth. Add the tomatoes to the cheese mixture, add the garlic, parsley, onions, cooked croutons, chicken, pepper and salt. Prepare the peppers for stuffing, heat the oven to 180 degrees, put cooked stuffing in peppers, put in a baking dish, sprinkle with grated cheese, pour the remaining melted butter and bake for 20 minutes.

Recipe for making stuffed peppers with marinated chicken

picture - Farshiruem peppers: recipes with unusual meat fillings

Need: 1kg pepper, 2 tomatoes, 1.5 cups of tomato juice, 1 onion, garlic cloves, a large chicken, zucchini, bunch of parsley and dill, 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons mustard, allspice, and salt.

How to cook stuffed peppers with marinated chicken. Finely chop the chicken, mix with mustard, mayonnaise, dill, parsley, onion, pepper and salt to leave for half an hour for marinating. Finely chop zucchini, put 10-15min, add the chopped tomatoes, grated garlic and cook another 15 min. Stuff the peppers marinated chicken half, then steamed vegetables. Put in a pan, sprinkle with onions from the marinade, pour tomato juice, put a simmer over medium heat, pour a little water for half an hour.

Recipe for cooking stuffed chicken curry pepper

You will need: 600g of potatoes, 500g fillet of chicken breast, cream 400ml, 200ml chicken stock, 30ml vegetable oil 2 cloves garlic, green and red bell pepper, 1 onion,? bunch of parsley, curry.

How to cook stuffed chicken curry pepper. Cut into thin strips peeled potatoes. Finely chop the garlic and onion to redden their oil, then pour in 100ml of broth, cream, boil all 15min, curry, pepper, and salt. Heat oven to 200 degrees. Prepare for stuffing peppers. How to cut the chicken stroganoff - long cubes. Chop the greens. Combine chicken, greens, potatoes, onion and garlic zazharku. Put the mixture into the peppers, put them straight up the holes in the baking dish, pour the remaining broth, bake for 25-30min.

If as a filling for pepper pork you want to use, then the option is not less than in the case of the chicken. All of them are simple and are prepared using the same algorithm: peppers stuffed with meat stuffing, put in a container, pour sauce or just at the bottom of the form to pour any liquid and everything is baked in the oven or on the stove stewed until tender. We give an example of an interesting option pepper stuffed with pork: in the Austrian.

Recipe for cooking peppers, stuffed in the Austrian

Need: 12 green bell peppers, stuffing - 600g pork mince, rice 100g, 50g onion, 1.5 boiled eggs, parsley, red pepper, garlic, salt, tomato sauce - 1,6kg tomatoes or tomato puree 350g, 1l bone broth, 100g roots, 80 g of vegetable oil, 60g for onions and flour, sugar, salt, celery.

How to cook the peppers stuffed in the Austrian. Chop celery greens, roots and onions, fry in vegetable oil, add flour, stir and put out a little more, add tomato puree and add chopped tomatoes, pour the broth, season with all the spices and simmer over low heat for 1 hour, then prodedit. The sauce should turn out not too sweet and medi

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