Sweet donuts "Rings"

→ Sweet donuts "Rings"

picture - Sweet donuts "Rings"

515 g flour

300 ml water / milk

85 g sugar

65 g butter

5 g dry yeast

5 g salt

2 eggs

vegetable fat

powdered sugar

150 ml of milk / water heat up to a temperature of about 40 degrees, the yeast add some sugar and flour, stir, pour warm water / milk, cover the dishes, clean fermentation in heat.

The remaining water / milk with whisk eggs, sugar and salt.

After increasing the mixture 2-3 times pour the cooked egg-milk supply.

Mix and enter the remaining flour and knead the dough, in the end, add the melted butter.

Remove the dough in a warm 1-2 times obmyat during fermentation, and then formed into small balls, flatten, with the help of glasses in the center to make a hole.

Fry donuts need a frying pan with vegetable oil, or in a deep fryer.

Fry donuts sweet "Rings" until golden brown, put on paper towels before serving sprinkle with powdered sugar.

How to choose the fryer. We will tell.

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