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Donuts - pastry (usually yeast) in the form of a sphere or rings, deep fried. Ring-shaped doughnuts catch by rod and put in a bag or on a plate.

The first dish, similar to a modern doughnuts, found in the ancient Roman sources and is called "globes". They were browned in oil or melted fat, then smeared with honey and sprinkle with poppy seeds. In medieval Europe was the baked krapfen in the shape of the letter "S", also similar to donuts. The first recipe of donuts found in an English cookbook in 1803 and is it American.

Today, many countries are preparing their donuts: the Berliners and the Tyrol in Germany, Twister, tireli, cottage cheese donuts in Switzerland, cichla in Austria, Galani in Italy, donuts in the United States, churros in Spain and so on

In Russia donuts gets its name from the Polish word "paczek" - round-sweet fried pie. Russians eat donuts hot, unlike the donuts and Berliners.

Donuts can be prepared with toppings (most popular chocolate, lemon and boiled condensed milk), sprinkle with sugar, nuts, coconut, make the glaze. For a lover of sweets is where to turn - there are countless recipes for donuts. Classic donuts after frying in hot oil soak through a napkin and serve, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

To make the donuts were really tasty, put them in a sweet filling. The recipe is the same, but sugar is desirable to take less.

Donuts is a very nutritious dish, to abuse them is not worth it. Slightly lower the caloric content will help the cheese taken instead of butter. The taste does not suffer, on the contrary, wins.

If donuts are prepared without yeast, it is best to test to take kefir. In it add the beaten eggs with sugar, flour and soda. These donuts are tasty and lush, and cooking is not time consuming.

Yeast donuts more time consuming, but the result justifies all costs. We suggest you make donuts from dough.

Recipe of donuts from dough

picture - Donuts


  • Flour - 2 tbsp.;
    what kind of flour should I choose? we'll show
  • Eggs - 2 pieces;
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp;
  • Yeast 12 g;
  • The melted butter - 5 tablespoons;
  • Milk - 0,5 Cup;
  • Sol - 0.5 tsp.;
  • Vegetable oil for deep-frying;
  • Powdered sugar.

Method of preparation:

Bred yeast in warm milk, pour the flour and well kneaded. When the dough rises, adding first the butter, then sugar, salt, beaten eggs. Again knead the dough and let it rise for 1.5 hours. The dough should be soft and not sticking to hands. Roll out of its layer thickness of 1 cm and cut glass circles. Put the donuts on the Board at a sufficient distance from each other, allow them to come about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile rosaleen vegetable oil in a tall saucepan. Drop him donuts one at a time, so they do not stick to each other. Fry about 2 minutes on each side. Take out is ready, put in a sieve, allow to drain fat. Spread on a dish, sprinkle with sugar and serve hot.

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