Cake "Snowball" cheese without baking

→ Cake "Snowball" cheese without baking

picture - Cake "Snowball" cheese without baking

400 g cottage cheese 5%

200 g cookies crackers "fish"

200 g sour cream 20%

50 g gelatin

5 bananas

1 glass cooled boiled water

6 Art. l. sugar

Dissolve the gelatin in a glass of water, leave for half an hour.

Take a split mold, to lay her film.

Bananas are clean, cut, putting 1 cream and mash it with a fork.

Cottage cheese to stretch, to connect with the mashed banana.

Heat to dissolve the gelatin, cool, add to the cheese mixture and sour cream sugar and mix.

Combine cottage cheese mixture and gelatin.

Make cake layers: cream, pastry cream, bananas and thus has not yet run out ingredients last layer to be a cream.

Cover the cake "Snowball" cheese without baking film, remove 2 hours in the cold, then remove the foil, turn the cake onto a plate and serve with tea.

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