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Why buy something that you can cook your own hands, and, in a tasty and healthy option? In this article we will talk about how to prepare for the winter tomato juice with seasonal summer tomatoes.

Buying in store tomato juice, in fact we do not provide themselves with the benefits, which we hope - added to the juice substance for long-term storage nullify all the benefits of the drink. But to make at home tomato juice, when properly prepared retains its useful properties up to two years!

The use of tomato juice is a high content of vitamins (A, B, C, E, PP), substances such as iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, magnesium, as it contains dietary fiber.

Making for winter harvesting of tomato juice, you can support the body, replenishing it with vitamins, all thanks to one glass of this juice a day.

Cooking recipes tomato juice for the winter

One liter of tomato juice is obtained from about one and a half kilograms of tomatoes, this ratio should be guided when deciding how much to buy or collect tomato harvesting juice. Cook the juice can only be from one tomato, without additives, or add to it salt, sugar, spices and combine tomatoes with other vegetables, such as celery, garlic, onions, and even pepper.

The recipe of preparation of traditional tomato juice for the winter

picture - Do for the winter tomato juice

You will need: tomatoes.

How to prepare for the winter tomato juice. Tomatoes thoroughly rinsed, cut midway, cut in half, twist in a meat grinder, put in an enamel pot, bring almost to a boil, then rub through a fine sieve - should get a juice with a uniform consistency. Bring the juice to a boil and boil on low heat for 5 minutes, then pour into sterilized jars, close the sterile metal lids.

If the juice you want to add sugar and salt, then navigate to such proportions should be: on the need to 9kg tomatoes 100g sugar, salt is added only to taste. Add the sugar and salt if needed chafing.

Recipe for spicy tomato juice with vinegar

Need: 11kg red tomatoes, 500g of sugar, 175 grams of salt, vinegar 275g 9%, 30 peas allspice, clove buds 6-10, 3.5 tsp cinnamon? tsp red pepper, a few cloves of garlic, a pinch of nutmeg.

How to cook spicy tomato juice and vinegar. Wash the tomatoes, remove the stalk, cut, squeeze the juice using a juicer, pour into an enamel container and cook for half an hour, then reduce the fire, but the juice should boil, add sugar and salt, cook for 10 minutes, add the garlic and all the spices and vinegar, boil more 10-20 min, then poured into sterile jars and cork.

Everyone is welcome to try this exotic version of tomato juice - with the addition of pepper.

Recipe of tomato juice with sweet pepper

You will need: 1 bucket of tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic and bell peppers, 1 onion.

How to make tomato juice and pepper. Scald the tomatoes, then immediately immersed in cold water, peel and pepper to clean, wash, do the same with the onion and garlic, chop all the vegetables and pass through the juicer or a meat grinder, then rub through a sieve, pour into an enamel container, bring to a boil, 10 minutes to boil, pour into sterile jars, cork.

A very useful option of tomato juice - with celery.

Recipe of tomato juice with celery for the winter

You will need: 1 kg of tomatoes, 3 celery stalks, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tsp ground black pepper.

How to cook tomato juice with celery. Pass through the juicer tomatoes, bring the juice to a boil enameled container. Washed celery cut into medium-sized, put in a boiling juice, bring to a boil again, rub through a sieve or mass pyurirovat blender, boil, pour the juice into the jar, cork.

When properly prepared and stored in a cool place tomato juice can be stored for a long time. It is very useful and tasty, making such preparations for the winter, you will provide your family a wonderful natural product that will delight your taste and fill the body with vitamins!

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