Stewed pears

picture - Stewed pears

Pear compote is very useful! They are recommended for urinary tract inflammation, obesity, diabetes and prostate cancer. Pears has antipyretic and expectorant properties, increase hemoglobin, treat thyroid. In pears lots of vitamins C, B1, PP, A, tannins, pectin and organic acids. Pear tissue will help to cope with constipation.

But pear compote - not only healing drink, this delicious treat. In summer you can cook it at least every day, but in the winter with fresh pears problem - they are poorly stored due to the high content of sugar and a small amount of acid. In this case we have only one way out - canning.

Pears grow in each region, all suitable for canning, regardless of the size and degree of sweetness. Canned pears - the perfect decoration for cakes, ice cream, a wonderful ingredient in fruit salads.

For the compote preferred pears with firm flesh, smooth, beautiful. Small pears may be preserved entire, large usually cut in half or into quarters, remove the core. Varieties with tight skin should be cleaned with a special knife for cleaning vegetables.

Treated fruit put in water with citric acid (1 g per 1 liter of water), so they are not darkened. But do not keep them in the water for too long, otherwise pear will lose a lot of vitamins. Syrup cook to your liking, but if a pear is very sweet, put less sugar and citric acid was added.

If you like colorful drinks in a jar, you can add a handful of mountain ash, raspberry, cranberry, currant, etc.

Recipe Pear compote

picture - Stewed pears

Water - 3.5 l;
pears - 1.5 kg;
sugar taste (60-100 g);
juice of one lemon.

Cooking. Fresh pears sort choosing beautiful, solid, whole, thoroughly wash and we put in a saucepan. Fill with water and bring to a boil, diminish the fire, cook, covered for about 20 minutes. Take out the pears from the pan and add up to the banks. In a pan add sugar and lemon juice, bring to a boil. Pour boiling stewed pears, roll up the banks. Overturn, wraps, after cooling is carried away in the basement.

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