Vegetable soup with meatballs

→ Vegetable soup with meatballs

picture - Vegetable soup with meatballs

250 g beef or elk bones (you can fry)

1 l water

1 onion

1 carrot

1 parsley root

3 potatoes

1 glass fresh or canned green peas

green onions or chives

pepper, salt

For the meatballs:

200 g minced or 1/2 pack (250g) finished meatballs

1 Art. l. fat

1 loaf of white bread

1 egg

water, pepper, salt

Of bone broth boil, drain. Indigenous fry in a small amount of fat and put into the broth. Potatoes cut into cubes and add 20 minutes later than the fresh peas, but earlier than canned. Of meat, white bread, eggs and water to cook cutlet mass molded small meatballs, browned them on both sides and immediately dipped in hot soup. Soup again bring to a boil, then sprinkle with chopped herbs (chives best).

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