Soup with meatballs - bozbash

→ Soup with meatballs - bozbash

picture - Soup with meatballs - bozbash

lamb bones

1 onions

2 Art. l. rice (cereals)

1 tomato

4 potatoes

ground black pepper


1 egg


For the meatballs:

600 g mutton flesh

2 onions

2 Art. l. rice


black pepper

Dried plums (pitted)

Mince 600 g lamb and 2 large onions. Add to cutlet mass moved 2 tablespoons rice, chopped parsley, salt and black pepper. Mass and knead well to cut a 4 balls, putting each of them to 1 dried plums (pitted).

Cook bone broth using bone meat. Bones pour 5 cups of water. Then the finished broth, put again pas plate and add the chopped head of onions, 2 tablespoons rice, tomato, peeled potatoes, cut into 4 pieces, salt, black pepper and parsley. Bring broth to a boil, put in Pego meatballs and cook them until soft. Season with egg soup and serve.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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