Salad with cheese and avocado

→ Salad with cheese and avocado

picture - Salad with cheese and avocado

400 g cheese (preferably mozzarella)

1 a large pod of red pepper

1 ripe avocado

2 glass marinated artichoke cores

0.5 glass olive oil

1 lemon

1 h. l. dry mustard

2 h. l. chopped parsley

2 h. l. chopped basil

salt, pepper

Cheese, peppers and avocado cut into small cubes of the same size. Chop artichokes. Put all these ingredients in a large glass bowl. In a separate small bowl combine the olive oil, the juice of whole lemon, mustard, parsley and basil. Close the bowl with a lid and shake the ingredients. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Get pour salad dressing, mix, refrigerate 3 hours before serving. Before serving, stir again.

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