Olivier "The Snow Queen"

→ Olivier "The Snow Queen"

picture - Olivier "The Snow Queen"

700 g beef tongue

1 radish

1 large onion

2-3 carrots

100 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

ground black pepper


Language wash, boil in salted water, cool, peel, cut into cubes. Radish wash with cold water, peel, grate. Onions clean, cut into thin rings. Carrots cook, cool, peel, cut into small cubes. Spread products of layers in the following order: 1st layer - carrot, 2nd layer - meat, 3rd layer - onion, 4th layer - radish, 5th layer - mayonnaise. Each layer of pepper.

Allow the salad to soak for 15 minutes.

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