Rice salad with tuna

→ Rice salad with tuna

picture - Rice salad with tuna

Required products:

200 g rice boiled

200 g tinned tuna

120 g bow silver tinned

2 PCs sweet red pepper

1/2 glass the light mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

1 PCs lemon

2 tbsp. capers

1/2 dill - beam

pepper, white pepper


Tuna remove from the jar and mash with a fork or divide into small pieces.Silver bow pull from the jar and let the marinade drip off.

Sweet pepper cut in half and removing the seeds and partitions, wash and cut into cubes.

For the sauce, mix mayonnaise with capers, salt, pepper and grated lemon zest.

Figure connect with tuna, onions and peppers, add the sauce, stir and let stand 10 minutes.

When serving, decorate the salad with lemon slices and dill.

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