Salad "French"

→ Salad "French"

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Required products:

3-4 PCs * Potatoes;

3 PCs * Carrots , preferably larger

1 PCs * Beets;

? * Cabbage - plug

* One large onion

500 g * Meat can be pork or beef;

* Vinegar

* Soy sauce

* Pepper, black and red

* Salt to taste.

The meat should be cut into small pieces, fry in a pan until cooked. While preparing meat, vegetables wash, peel (except potatoes) and cut into small pieces. For this recipe, the vegetables should not undergo any heat treatment, all products must be absolutely fresh. When the vegetables are ready, on top of them, you need to put the fried meat. Time to start on the potatoes. Just clean it from the peel, chop and fry in a pan until Golden brown, and then added it to the rest of the vegetables. It's time to get spices. Take 2 tablespoons of 5% vinegar, but the pepper, salt and soy sauce to add to taste. Add butter or mayonnaise is not necessary, because fried potatoes and meat and so fat enough. The mixture should be good stir, taste, and if anything your taste is not enough, it added. That's all you can eat.

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