Salad with spinach burbot

→ Salad with spinach burbot

picture - Salad with spinach burbot

For this recipe you will need:

400 g burbot (a piece of the tail)

2 pcs. lime

125 g spinach (shoots)

1 pcs. tomato (solid)

3 Art. l. olive oil

2 pcs. basil (leaves)

4 pcs. onion chives

chervil - a few sprigs

salt, pepper - to taste

Finely chop a piece of burbot. Arrange the sliced fish in a deep dish, squeeze the juice from the lemons and pour them fish; it seems to be "cooked" in the juice. Salt and pepper lightly.

Prepare the sauce: tomato pour over boiling water, remove its skin, cut it in half, cut into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Pour in the olive oil in it. Finely chop the onion, basil and chervil, add all this to the chopped tomatoes, a little salt and pepper.

Wash spinach shoots and let them dry off on absorbent paper. Arrange on a plate of spinach leaves in the center of each plate, place the sliced fish, pour its sauce with slices of tomato.

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