Salad blank with rice and vegetables

→ Salad blank with rice and vegetables

picture - Salad blank with rice and vegetables

1 kg carrots

1 kg sweet pepper

1 kg onions

1 l tomato juice

800 g vegetable oil

1-2 bitter pepper

1 glass rice with slide

?-1 glass sugar

9 vinegar%

Pour oil in a pan, heat up (check the degree of heating a piece of onion - when lowering it should become golden almost immediately).

Put in a little grated carrot, saute for 15 minutes, stirring, add the chopped onion, through another 15 minutes - sweet pepper, salt and immediately add hot peppers, after 15 minutes, pour the tomato juice, bring everything to a boil.

Add to vegetables washed rice, sugar, boil all 30 minutes at the boil.

Next salad workpiece with rice and vegetables taste bitter splits on sterilized jars, add the vinegar and all rolled up. On a 1 liter jar need 1 tsp 9% vinegar.

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