Salad-cocktail with cod liver

→ Salad-cocktail with cod liver

picture - Salad-cocktail with cod liver

Required products:

150 g cod liver canned in oil

1 PCs boiled potatoes

1 PCs tomatoes

2 PCs the boiled egg

70 g pickled gherkins

1/2 glass mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

8 PCs olives

50 g lemon

Cod liver oil will separate from the oil, mash or slice.Potatoes cut into cubes.

The scald tomatoes, remove the skins, remove the seeds, flesh cut into cubes.

Cucumber cut into thin strips, eggs grate.

Prepared foods and corn lay into glasses, pour the mayonnaise. Decorate with lemon, olives and herbs.

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