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Tasty crackers Kirieshki recently in great demand not only as an appetizer, but also as a basis for a mouth-watering salads. In this article we will talk about salads with Kirieshki.

In general, it is worth noting that Kirieshki - it's just a company name, brand, and, in fact, what is meant by the word, the product itself - is ordinary crunches.

The popularity of the name kirieshek, which already represent any crackers, even to this brand not included, can be compared with the situation with oatmeal and porridge. Hercules - brand and oatmeal - a product the same thing here: Kirieshki - a brand name and the product - it crunches.

Today, with any crackers, including a Kirieshki and other similar snacks sold in stores in finished form, often make salads, which can be very diverse. Caesar - not only salad that is made with breadcrumbs, and they, in general, it can be added even in the proverbial cucumber salad and tomatoes. At the same time adding to the recipe crackers positive impact on calorie, will make any salad more satisfying, and if used with certain Kirieshki flavors that will make an interesting combination with other products, if not you can "cook up" a true delicacy that will appreciate it. Example: salad with cheese and crackers flavored salami, which can add tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.

Will not be a long walk around and around - let's see what you can make salads with croutons, Kirieshki.

Salad recipe with sausage and Kirieshki

picture - Salads with KirieshkiIngredients:

200g cooked sausage
some sausage to choose? we'll show

50g hard cheese
2 cucumbers and tomatoes
1 pack kirieshek and bulbs
1st.l. mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

How to prepare a salad with Kirieshki and sausage. Sausage clean from the film, cut into thin strips, finely chop the onion, fry them together until light browning in a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil. Medium-sized chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, put in a salad bowl chilled sausage with onions, add the cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons, pour all of mayonnaise and mix well. Salad serve immediately to the table. Before that, you can sprinkle with grated cheese and salad greens to decorate.

Any salad with croutons should be served immediately - otherwise crackers softened by moisture and will not be crunchy.

Salad recipe with mushrooms and Kirieshki

picture - Salads with KirieshkiIngredients:

100g croutons kirieshek
20g lettuce
4 boiled eggs quail
1 jar of pickled mushrooms
3st.l. olive mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

How to prepare a salad with Kirieshki and mushrooms. Cut into thin slices mushrooms, crushed crackers, but not crushed, not too finely. Finely chop the eggs run into medium-sized pieces of lettuce hands. Combine all ingredients, salt the, pour the salad with mayonnaise, stir and serve.

Recipe salad without mayonnaise Kirieshki

picture - Salads with KirieshkiPhoto: my1.ruIngredients:

190g chicken fillet
1 pack kirieshek, Bank of canned peas and onion
3-4st.l. low-fat sour cream
spices to taste

Method of preparation:

How to prepare a salad with Kirieshki without mayonnaise. In a bit of salted water to boil chicken, cool, cut it into cubes or disassembled into fibers. Finely chop onions, combine with chicken and peas, add croutons, pour all the sour cream and season to taste with spices (salt, red and black pepper, etc.), stir and serve. Bon Appetite!

Using green peas and Kirieshki, you can lay a beautiful pattern or design on the surface of lettuce.

For salads with Kirieshki fit any products - meat, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, etc. Is simply the combination of flavors of your favorite foods, and invent new recipes salads with Kirieshki, because it's so easy! You can use both ready crackers, and make them your own, simply sliced bread and dry it in the oven (what spices while you it will fall, this will have the taste and crackers).

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