Vinaigrette is a French name and the Russian soul

→ Vinaigrette is a French name and the Russian soul

picture - Vinaigrette is a French name and the Russian soul

Around the world, with the exception of our country, it is called "Russian Salad". In Russia he would be called by the French name "salad" - so that's interesting to the situation. A favorite of many, this salad is always present at the festive tables and in the daily menu, and learn to cook it wants every woman. Let's talk about the mix - probably the most famous Russian salad.

The name "salad" comes from the French word "vinaigre", which translates as vinegar, and is associated with a very interesting history. During the reign of Alexander I in the kitchen at the Russian Royal court worked French chef Antoine careme. One day, seeing as the Russians chefs prepare interesting salad vegetables and watered it with vinegar, he said, "vinaigre?", wanting to make sure you really vinegar, cook thought that this word Kari called the dish has since caught on, that's his name.

Vinaigrette is the original Russian dishes, but some still put it in doubt. So, in a British cookbook 1845 recipe serves Breakfast salad of herring, potatoes, beets, apples, pickles and eggs with seasoning from mixed with butter and sour cream vinegar. Assume also that a salad can be a meal and German cuisine. A clear answer to these questions gives the classic vinaigrette recipe in English, which, along with beets and potatoes also includes carrots, pickles, sauerkraut, outside of our country encountered very rarely. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that similar dishes exist in foreign kitchens, but in the form in which we are accustomed to seeing vinaigrette in Russia, it was invented here.

Delicious, inexpensive, healthy and easy salad (calories it is only about 120-130 kcal per 100g) - the dish and the stomach is pleased, and health improves with wholesome substances that are present in the ingredients. It acts on the digestive tract is extremely positive, but it should be noted that only during the day, for longer periods of vinaigrette with pickled cucumbers, dressed with oil, even in the refrigerator, the result is the opposite - there are intestinal disorders.

The question of how to make vinaigrette, sooner or later, is set to any hostess. In practice, this task is not difficult, just need to decide what ingredients you are going to use and properly prepared. Consider the most popular recipes for salads.

Salad "Salad classic recipe for beet salad with sauerkraut in Russian)

picture - Vinaigrette is a French name and the Russian soul

You will need: equal quantities of potatoes, carrots, beets, pickles, sauerkraut, onions and/or green onions, 3% vinegar, vegetable oil, black pepper, salt.

How to make vinaigrette. To prepare classic vinaigrette need to take all the products in approximately equal proportions, a bit more need to take a bow and a little less carrot. Boil the potatoes, carrots and beets in their skins, cool, peel, cut into small cubes, just slice the cucumbers and onions, chop the cabbage. Combine in proportions to taste the vinegar, oil, pepper and salt, add the sauce to the prepared ingredients and stir.

If you add to this recipe for salted or pickled mushrooms, you get a salad with mushrooms and adding pieces of boiled fish and green peas get fish salad (also you can add cranberries), or you can prepare a vinaigrette with herring, adding to the standard recipe, soaked in milk and salted herring (cabbage if this is not added, onions, and potatoes, use a little more). You can make this salad with boiled meat.

Old Russian recipe vinaigrette involves adding to the above recipe chopped cooked hard-boiled eggs. The dressing for the salad was a bit different: 1 teaspoon mustard, 3 tbsp. of vegetable oil ? Cup vinegar, 3%, water, sugar, pepper, salt. Preparing this dressing: in a small amount of cold water stir sugar, salt and mustard, pepper to taste, then with stirring, poured parts oil, then added the vinegar.

Today, as in centuries past, a very popular salad with beans.

Recipe of the salad with beans

picture - Vinaigrette is a French name and the Russian soul

You will need: 2 potatoes, 1 pickled cucumber, 1 beet, ? cups of dry beans, 3 tbsp vegetable oil, parsley, lettuce, salt.

How to make a salad with beans. First, for 5-7 hours, the beans are soaked in water, then boiled in salted water, leaning back in a colander, obrushivaetsja, is cooled. Potatoes boiled in their skins, cooled, cleaned, small cubes cut. Beets boiled in their skins, also cooled and cleaned, cut julienne (thinly), or rubbed on a coarse grater. Small cubes or thin strips sliced cucumber. Prepared the ingredients are mixed, podsalivaetsya to taste, dressed with oil, before applying such vinaigrette sprinkled with the chopped herbs and issued lettuce.

Today vinaigrette recipes a lot. To the standard recipe, add the apples, mussels, squid, shrimp, smoked fish, sardines, sea Kale, canned corn, tomatoes, turnips - how to diversify classics, each woman decides for itself, depending on personal and family preferences. It is important not to deviate from the basic canons, and also to keep some secrets vinaigrette:

  • To make the vinaigrette was tasty, the vegetables it is better not to boil, and bake in their skins, or you can bake only beet - it will make the taste richer;
  • To beets did not spoil the colour of the other ingredients, before connecting with them it must be filled with oil;
  • The dressing should always be done separately, to try its taste before you connect with other ingredients, it is important to ensure that it is absorbed into the vegetables, and sank to the bottom of the salad bowl is to mix the components you need in a large, deep porcelain or enamel pot, in any case, not of metal;
  • Before connecting the ingredients make sure that they are all at room temperature, when the connection of cold and warm food vinaigrette subsequently very quickly deteriorates;
  • If refueling is used only salt and vegetable oil, first the salad should be salt and stir, and then add the oil (oil salt will not dissolve);
  • The smaller the cut the vegetables, the salad turns out tastier.

With regard to the filing of vinaigrette - ways here also mass: line salad leaves in the bottom of the salad bowl, top to put the vinaigrette slide, or in the centre of the dish to put the mixed ingredients, and the edges - of the individual components (but seasoned sauce), etc. be creative and make the most amazing salads!

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