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Among all kinds of offal chicken liver is one of the highest places - dishes from it are obtained tasty, tender and nutritious, which is why it is this type of liver often prefer mistress. So, what can be prepared from chicken liver? Let's see.

Chicken liver has a list of advantages. It contains vitamins A, C and B, easily digestible protein, iron, folic acid, selenium - that is, it is very, very useful. In addition, the preparation of chicken liver - the process easier than if you're dealing with another type of liver.

Chicken livers are not necessarily steep as beef or pork, it never gets bitter. How would you or cooked, it is sure to please the pleasant taste, but because it goes well with the mass of the products it is possible to prepare a lot of dishes. Chicken livers can braise, bake, fry, boil, because it can be hot, delicious homemade pate, beef stroganoff, various salads, put it in the cream or sour cream, used as a filling for cakes and pies, etc. However, all these dishes are good at it, it is necessary, first of all, to choose and prepare the main ingredient.

Chicken livers high quality has a minimum of fat droplets, and its surface is smooth and shiny. Yellowish or light shade says that it peremorozili. If you buy frozen liver, to see the ice was at least, there should be no green spots - it says that the dismantling of damaged gall bladder and bile due to liver will be very bitter.

Preparation for cooking chicken liver - the process simple. Fresh, simply rinse with cool water and cut into pieces of desired size by removing the connective tissue, if any. Frozen be defrosted in a refrigerator or at room temperature, and then carry out all the same as fresh.

Rules to prepare chicken liver only two: the first - the time of its heat treatment should not exceed 15 minutes, the second - not to forget the first rule. Cooking should be 10-15 minutes, when it comes to frying readiness faster. If you overdo it with the cooking time, the liver can get rather dry and not as tender as when properly prepared. Easy and quick cooking - a two-esteem chicken liver.

As mentioned above, this product can be cooked a lot of food - the first, second, salads, appetizers, and even cakes and pies. Tender and flavorful chicken liver perfectly manifests itself in soups.

Soup recipe with chicken livers and beans

picture - Delicious dishes from chicken liver

You will need: 700 g chicken liver, potato tuber 2-3, 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 can of canned beans red, greens, garlic, spices to taste, salt.

How to cook soup with chicken liver. Liver wash, put in a pot of boiling salted water, cook until done, removing the foam, discard in a colander, dry and finely chop. Cook vegetable zazharku of onions, carrots and greens, adding to it if you wish tomato paste. In stock, the remainder of the liver, put sliced medium-sized potatoes, boil until half, put the vegetable zazharku and liver. Beans added to the soup when potato is almost ready for a couple of minutes until cooked soup. Serve the soup with chicken liver with sour cream.

Such soups with liver can be cooked with other ingredients, for example, can be replaced on the pearl barley beans or pasta, add the celery, leeks, cream, etc. In any case, soup with chicken liver always turn out very fragrant and richness, try it and see!

From main dishes with chicken liver can be identified hot. You can prepare it with your favorite vegetables to taste, just a pan or pot. But still the second most popular dish with chicken liver is undoubtedly braised in cream liver.

Recipe chicken liver, braised in cream

picture - Delicious dishes from chicken liver

You will need: 200 g chicken liver, 2 onions small, 3 tablespoons sour cream, sugar, pepper, salt to taste.

How to cook chicken livers with sour cream. Cooking this dish takes on the force for 15 minutes. Finely chop the onion and fry it in butter until light browning, put the washed liver, stirring occasionally, fry until cooked. Sour cream is added for 2-3 minutes until cooked liver, along with sugar, salt and pepper. Before serving, sprinkle with braised in cream liver herbs.

If you add the peppers and sour cream substitute, it is possible to prepare very tender and tasty dish on the same principle. Bow while fried with pepper, then also added to the liver, all fried until cooked with constant stirring, then pour cream, all peppers and salted. Not be less tasty, if instead of pepper take mushrooms or other mushrooms and fry the chicken livers with mushrooms in sour cream or cream.

There are lots of recipes for salad with chicken liver as everyday and festive. Most often in such liver salad with fruits - grapes, mangoes, peaches, avocado, and lettuce or spinach, add various nuts, such as seasoned salads dressing of olive oil, mixed with spices and garlic or honey. If the chicken liver salad made with vegetables - onions, carrots, squash, beets, etc., that are used for filling mayonnaise. Vegetables are usually for those salads Grate or finely cut and tantalized until soft.

Quick recipe salad with chicken liver and grapes

picture - Delicious dishes from chicken liver

You will need: 300 grams of red grapes and a large chicken livers, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 bunch of lettuce "Iceberg", 6 tablespoons olive oil first cold pressed, ground black pepper, salt.

How to prepare a salad with chicken liver. Stir butter with through the press garlic and let it. Liver fry on both sides over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes, at the end covered with a lid for 1-2 minutes, and salt the pepper. Pick lettuce and put it in a salad bowl, grapes cut in half, remove the seeds, put the halves on lettuce leaves, then put between the liver. Drizzle salad with garlic butter.

Chicken liver obtained tasty and healthy meals everyday, for example, if the grind 0.5 kg of liver and mix it with the chopped onion, 2 eggs and? glass of milk, season with a lot of pepper and salt, add the flour until the consistency is not too thick dough, you can prepare delicious pancakes liver. However, for the holiday table, it do a good job. One of the most spectacular is the liver cake appetizers with chicken liver.

Recipe for liver pie with chicken liver

picture - Delicious dishes from chicken liver

You will need: 500 g chicken liver, 150 g of low-fat mayonnaise, 4 eggs, 1 clove garlic, 1 onion,? cup of flour? tsp soda, vegetable oil, pepper, salt.

How to cook liver cake chicken liver. The preparation of this dish will take much less time than if you cook it beef or pork liver, while it will at times gentle and air. Raw liver mince with onion, drive 2 eggs, pepper, salt, add flour and baking soda. The dough should not get too thick, if necessary - dilute it with water. Add a little oil to the dough - then the cake will not stick to the pan. Like pancakes cook liver cake. Finished cake in the form of heat to style each other, promazyvaya mayonnaise mixed with through garlic press. Pere supply issue cake chicken liver grated yolks and whites of th

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