Canned pepper eggplant

→ Canned pepper eggplant

picture - Canned pepper eggplant

2 kg eggplant

800 g tomato paste

150 g garlic

2 glass sugar

1 glass vegetable oil

2 tbsp. salt

1,5 tbsp. vinegar

12-13 bell peppers

Tomato paste diluted with water to obtain a 3 liter of tomato juice, add the juice of sugar, salt, vinegar and vegetable oil.

Eggplant cut into with paring polukrugom, pepper cut into strips, garlic is finely chopped.

All the vegetables to put in the tomato juice and cook for about 20-30 minutes

Then it is canning the usual way.

The author of the recipe: Svetlana Petuhova

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