Canning green tomato or brown

→ Canning green tomato or brown

picture - Canning green tomato or brown

On the Bank with a capacity of 3l:

2 onions

3-5 garlic cloves


For the marinade:

3 l water

3 tbsp. salt

7 tbsp. sugar

7-10 peas allspice

2-3 Bay leaves

1/3 bitter pepper

150 g vinegar 9%

Put on the bottom of the jar 3l chopped onion, the garlic, cut off the hats of tomatoes, not until the end to cut it into 3-4 pieces, put in the middle of each tomato on a sprig of parsley, put the tomatoes into the jars.

Prepare marinade: in water, add salt, sugar, allspice, Bay leaf, hot pepper, boil, add the vinegar, pour the marinade tomatoes.

Then the canning is done as follows: Bank sterilized within 12-15 min set cover.

The author of the recipe: Elena Agafonova

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