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Harvest for the winter a lot of jars with a variety of conservation - our tradition, and tradition should be cherished! Today on the agenda - cucumber salad in the winter, which is prepared simply, and then delivers when opening jars easy untold pleasure!

Cucumbers, when it comes to workpieces, especially, I remember in the salty, fermented and pickled, but it's not all ways in which they can stock up for the winter. Delicious salad of cucumbers in the winter - also a great option, especially in those cases where you just want to get the workpiece and immediately apply it on the table. This wonderful appetizer perfectly show itself even on the holiday table!

Cucumber salad in the winter can be done in a variety of variations - they can be gentle, sharp, sweet and sour, in the form of cuts. We will tell you about one of the variants of such universal lettuce.

Recipe for making cucumber salad for winter

picture - Cucumber salad for winter

You will need: 2 kg of cucumbers, 300g onions, 12 tablespoons vegetable oils 7st.l. vinegar 6% 3st.l. sugar 1,5st.l. salt, a large bunch of dill.

How to prepare a salad of cucumbers in the winter. Wash the cucumber, cut off the tips of the two sides, cut polukruzhkami. Semicircles cut onions, chopped dill, mix all products, add the vinegar, oil, sugar, salt, stir and leave for 4 h at room temperature. Put cucumber salad in a pot, bring to a boil, boil for 5 min, salad decomposed into sterilized jars, roll with sterile lids, turn upside down, wrap a blanket and so leave for a day. Next cucumber salad stored in a cool dark place.

Any option cucumber salad in the winter is easy to change: just add or remove from the formulation of any product that is to your taste, or vice versa, cooking - it works, including in matters of preservation!

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