Salad "Cuts" (3)

→ Salad "Cuts" (3)

picture - Salad "Cuts" (3)

Required products:

300 g fish canned in oil

2 PCs carrots

2 PCs beets

4-5 PCs eggs boiled

30 g green onions

20 g parsley

2 tbsp. mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

Carrots and beets RUB on a small grater. The yolks of the eggs separate from proteins and separately grate. Onion and parsley chop. Fish mash.

Put the salad ingredients on a plate in the form of small hills in the centre - fish, and around - carrots, green onions, egg whites, beets, parsley, egg yolks, salt.

Before submitting each slide pour mayonnaise.

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