How to cook lush cupcakes and other culinary tricks

→ How to cook lush cupcakes and other culinary tricks

picture - How to cook lush cupcakes and other culinary tricksIn this article, we will continue to talk about the different culinary tricks to significantly facilitate the preparation of various dishes.

So, a fresh batch of culinary tricks.

The trick 1: How to make cookies for "blurred" on a baking sheet. To Your cookies are not broke, before baking, place a baking cookies in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.

The trick 2: How to easily separate the egg yolks and whites of each other. To quickly separate the whites from the yolks, remove eggs from the refrigerator about 15 minutes before you divide the yolks and whites - brought to room temperature, they are separated from each other without any difficulty.

The trick 3: How to make cupcakes not fall off. To cupcakes do not fall down, shape or form for their baking should be lubricated only this: on the edges and bottom of the rim and the center of the forms necessary to leave ungreased. When the cupcakes are ready, turn off the oven, remove them and tilt on a flat baking sheet and so leave until cool - then they will not fall off and be nice and high.

The trick 4: How to make a thick sauce for spaghetti. If you want to cook a thick spaghetti sauce of cream, feta and olive oil, add the tablespoon 5-6 the remainder of the cooking spaghetti water - thanks to the starch contained in it a thick sauce.

The trick 5: How to add honey to it did not stay on the spoon. Before scoop honey spoon, smear with oil, then it will not stick to the spoon.

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